Students in manufacturing-related programs at Oklahoma technical schools or colleges are invited to apply for TAMA Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded each year up to $1,250.00. Applications must be submitted by various deadlines for scholarships for the described time period (see table). We accept scholarship applications year round.

Eligibility to receive a TAMA scholarship requires that a student meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Be a student in good standing at an Oklahoma technical school or college, and be accepted or enrolled, or be a high school senior accepted to one of those institutions for the upcoming semester.
  2. Be enrolled in a manufacturing-related degree or certification program.
  3. Have a 3.0 grade point average on a 4-point scale in the previous two semesters (or an equivalent grade if the school uses a grading system other than a 4-point scale.)
  4. Authorize TAMA to receive your transcript by signing the scholarship application.
  5. Have a 95% attendance record (excluding excused absences) in the current school year.
  6. Complete all questions on the scholarship application.
  7. Submit a written or video explanation of why you have chosen a career in manufacturing.
  8. Sign and date the completed application.
  9. Participate in an interview conducted by members of the TAMA scholarship committee.

Scholarship Deadlines

Fall Scholarship

March 31st

Spring Scholarship

September 30th

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