TAMA's leadership is comprised of some of the leading executives of Tulsa-area manufacturing organizations. If you are interested in becoming a leader and serving on or helping a committee, let us know!

  • Tim Epps, President/Audit Chair
  • Kannan Sripathy, Vice President
  • Kenneth Statton, Past President
  • Skylar Guilfoyle, Treasurer & By-Laws Chair
  • Kannan Sripathy, Membership Chair
  • Karen Pennington, Marketing Chair
  • David Wheeler, Program/Government Affairs Chair
  • Tim Epps, Education/Scholarships Chair
  • Colin Jones, Golf Tournament Chair
  • Kristi Wade, Secretary


Each committee in TAMA takes on specific tasks and duties to achieve the membership's goals. If you are interested in joining a committee, please let us know!

  • Develops monthly programs and tours with input from board members.
  • Finds and secures speakers or presentations.
  • Ensures that the function of the Program Committee continues to become more functional and innovative.
  • Acts as a liaison between TAMA membership and various community manufacturing education initiatives.
  • Educates the TAMA membership about the various community programs/activities that promote manufacturing and how they can get involved.
  • Organizes educational seminars or workshops.
  • Connects manufacturers with education, training, and workforce development resources available in the Tulsa region.
  • Builds robust partnerships and a collaborative environment for manufacturing growth and economic development.
  • Develops Scholarship guidelines
  • Works with schools and counselors and others to get information out to students and the public about scholarships.
  • Interviews scholarship applicants and awards scholarships.
  • Verifies potential members and level of membership.
  • Recruits new members.
  • Reviews membership requirements and recommends possible changes.
  • Maintains membership list.
  • Serves as delegate from TAMA to the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s Manufacturing Council. Reports back to TAMA Board and Membership as needed.
  • Monitors Oklahoma State Chamber events and activities to communicate/promote to the TAMA Board and Membership.
  • Monitors Tulsa Regional Chamber events and activities to communicate/promote to the TAMA Board and Membership.
  • • Monitor local and regional news and social media for government events, activities, and issues to communicate/promote to the TAMA Board and Membership.
  • Effectively communicates with the TAMA membership opportunities to participate in tours, workshops, golf tournament and other networking opportunities.
  • Develops electronic communication and social media presence and strategies for TAMA using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other methods.
  • Creates marketing materials for committees, including Scholarship, Education, Golf and Program committees to effectively communicate the mission of TAMA and to recruit and educate members as needed..